Integrity Defense Academy

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Our Instructors have over 20 years of martial arts training and teaching experience and look forward to working with you.

What does The Word Krav Maga mean?

Simply, the direct translation from Hebrew is, Contact Combat.

    Krav Maga is an ideal work out for anyone of any age. It is designed for soldiers who need effective lifesaving skills for themselves or their comrades, but it also works for any average person as a self-defense if needed.

Does this mean you can attend one or two classes to get all you need?

Certainly not! In a few classes you will learn enough to possibly escape a dangerous situation and maybe save your life or a loved one’s life.

No fear anymore, you can learn how to take control of any situation as well as gain enough confidence to fight back!

There are many techniques we teach, but Krav is not based on technique alone. It is a series of concepts and principles.  The techniques are there for a reason, and that is, they work. Plain and simple. There is nothing pretty, or there are no flowery katas involved. Fighting for your life is by no means pretty or elegant. Life is not a kung fu movie.  The reality is a violent occurrence hits like lightning and only last few seconds, Krav teaches you how to react and disengage. We neither seek a lengthy exchange of blows nor getting hurt. All we seek is a quick, confident reaction to defuse the violence and stay safe.

Krav maga is not a tournament sport. It is a skill set of real life street and combat survival.  It is a way that a petite woman can escape a large male attacker.  It could be a way for a child to escape a kidnapper, it is many situations. Every situation is different, but having a basic knowledge of how to react could mean a life or death. All angles must be worked and trained. All angles must be explored.

Krav maga teaches true self-defense, building confidence, keeping your head cool under that split second pressure. We will address hand to hand scenarios, gun / knife defense, rifle disarm, stick defense/ attack and many more.

  You can go as far as you want. The choice is yours. There will be class opportunities for rigorous training as well as lighter training for those who are not as fitness oriented. Anyone can learn to fight back.  Krav builds a better and stronger body, stronger instinct, and stronger mind.